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The Jewel Box Festival Info



The Jewel Box is a small-scale private festival with an eclectic programme which offers people the chance to get up close and personal with artists in a beautiful, relaxed environment.

It began in 2012 as Halyon Unplugged and is one of the few festivals of its kind set on a beautiful coastline, which is as much a part of the experience as the music, art, food and literature.


It will run from 3pm on Saturday till approx 12 midnight on the 16th.

The main exhibition, the Sheila McClean Retrospective, will run in the main house on the Sunday also.

All performances, showcases and other exhibitions will take place in the walled garden areas.

There will be a pop up shop for souvenirs, t shirts, cds, books and prints/cards by the participants, as well as  bar and catering tents. All payments will be made with tokens available from the festival staff.There will be a shuttle bus throughout the day from Derry to the festival and back. 


All food and drink will be available inside the festival, none may be taken into the festival. Parking is on the main Moville road, clearly signposted. we are pleased to announce that for one day only there will be an entrance from the shore walk.


The events will be held in a series of tents, with pathways between, so you'll be protected from the elements whatever the skies decide to do that day. The main stage is a striped circus tent, and exhibition tent, a shop tent, food and drink tents, and access to the main exhibition 

We advise you to bring appropriate clothing, we are in Ireland! Obviously then this means jumpers and bikinis, golf umbrellas and sun tan lotion, sunglasses and wellies etc.


This is a private festival and as such we are unable to sell tickets. Instead we ask for a €20 donation payable on the door for the whole day to help offset costs. We have absolutely NO government funding or sponsorship and the setup costs are extremely high. However we hope that if we can make it viable this year we can make this an annual open event with tickets on sale that will eventually bring many people from all over the world to the area.  

For this year, however, you need to have your name on the list and/or show your invitation so please print it when you get your email. We won't do a Ryanair though and charge you more if you don't have it with you! Our lovely security guys will sort you out, fear not.


For further info and tickets contact

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