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Broken Hearted Horses

BrokenHeartedHorses  is an ever (r)evolving collective music project  created  by singer/songwriter Martin O’Loinsigh to gather together a loose group of his favourite musicians & friends to give a more textured soundscape to the music and songs that he creates in the North West coast of Ireland on the fringes of Europe.

The music shows a wide swathe of influences that invite the listener to find their own meaning within the song while the ethos is to ‘create and set free’.

They believe the ability to ‘write, believe and create’ is the only important message in music in a world where we look too much towards ourselves and away from what lies beneath & beyond.

Currently BrokenHeartedHorses are recording the new album ‘TROY’ at Beechwood Studios in Derry Northern Ireland for release in October 2016..Watch this space!

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