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Jenni Doherty

Originally from Greencastle, Co Donegal, now based in Derry, Jenni's background ranges from publishing, journalism, bookselling and the public library service to facilitating creative writing workshops, editing, organising and hosting literary events and performing. Recipient of two ACNI SIAP Awards (2011 & 2013) and Winner of the Inaugural Noelle Vial Tyrone Guthrie Bursary Award 2013. Her debut collection, Rain Spill, was published by Guildhall Press in 2012, and she is currently working on her second collection (due 2017). Owner of  the North West of Ireland's largest independent bookshop, Little Acorns Bookstore in Derry, and former Marketing & Sales Manager with Guildhall Press (2006 – 2015) along with editor and contributor to over thirty publications. She has performed at various festivals and literary events throughout Ireland, the UK and Australia and is a regular contributor to both print and broadcast media.

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