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William McElhinney

William is a native of Inishowen, born in Moville, and for over twenty years ago he developed a passion for all things seaweed which inspired him to develop his exciting concept of Wild Strands, a food  maritime ecotourist  company. William has presented widely on this topic, locally, nationally and internationally at numerous festivals, e.g. Clipper Maritime Festival, Algae Symbosium, Nutramara, Teagasc, Dublin and Algae Centre in Brittany, France. William aims to develop his emerging company which has many strands, firstly to develop bespoke small guided tours to share his unique set of culinary skills and to showcase his passion and knowledge of Inishowen and its surrounding hinterland. The food, homemade and cooked, by William will provide for a unique culinary experience, with William providing an eclectic range of menus for his clients and will tailor his food to cater for every palate. William’s produces nutritious food with all dishes including breads, cakes, drinks including arguably the most nutritionally dense food on the planet, sea vegetables. William aims to shortly launch a crowd funding platform to secure a wood fired oven to kick start his business, so check out his site

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